Read This Before You Get a Gym Membership

Hmm. This sounds familiar.

A Collection of Musings

We’ve all seen newspaper articles about the importance of exercising 3 times a week. Some of us have felt guilty for eating a doughnut while reading the article and decided to get healthier. Since many of us live in parts of the world where it is difficult to exercise outdoors throughout the year, we end up with gym memberships. We feel so motivated when we march on over to the gym and sign up. I can assure you that this feeling of inspiration does not last long.


Here is what typically happens with a 30-day gym membership

Day 1 – Sign up for the gym and work out for an hour. You feel energised and vow to come back every morning before work.

Day 2 – Groggily drag yourself out of bed and go to the gym. You feel so exhausted from lack of sleep that you spend 10 minutes…

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